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Have you ever found yourself in so much excitement? A low-carb pizza that you didn't have to spend an hour making yourself...too good to be true? Well, it kind of was for us.

As we perused the aisles of our local Kroger, we were delighted to stumble across this cauliflower crust pizza. We skipped to the checkout line holding back our excitement to get home and try our new find. But, when we got home, we read the ingredients...

The third ingredient was brown rice flour=starch=not as low carb as we'd thought. Our fairytale had ended. Sine we're in the middle of the holiday season (arguably the most wonderful season of all), we decided to look at the bright side: even though this pizza has 37 grams of carbs per 1/2 pizza, it was still a better choice than a regular pizza.

Our ultimate conclusion was to enjoy this cauliflower crust pizza over a traditional pizza dough. Because for even just 2 slices (the size of a calculator), this pizza was still a better choice and could be enjoyed in under 20g of total carbs. Paired with a nice big salad it makes the perfect guilt-free meal.