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Summer is in full swing, which means so are social events that can make it difficult to stay with a diet regimen. Other than visiting Access Medical Weight Loss for regular weigh-ins, there are a few tips you can keep handy to stay in the weight loss state of mind. Interested in more detailed weight loss plan? Check out Our Programs starting as low as $110 a month!

  1. Journal your daily intake. We've said it many times and we'll remind you again, this will help you stay accountable! Write down the good, the bad and the in-between. You may even consider writing down if you had cravings or felt like you were more in control on a particular day. This will help you refine your meal plan to meet your needs.
  2. Pack your meals for the day from home. Bring snacks, lunch, even breakfast if needed. Eating foods prepared from home eliminates a lot of unwanted extra calories you'll find when dining out.
  3. Schedule appointments to weigh yourself, even if it's at home. Stick to these appointments and record your weight.