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Do you dread workplace potlucks? You're not alone! Many people struggle with the temptation of junk food in the workplace when they're watching their waistlines. It isn't easy to say "no" to breads, pastries, sweet and savory snacks when you're exhausted and trying to get work done. Here are our 3 tips to come out with a win!

  1. Have go-to snacks nearby. Keep these in your desk drawer so you can grab-and-go. This way, when you go to the break room to celebrate the third birthday of the month, you'll have your own snack and a full stomach. What cake? You'll be in control. We like to keep our Robard Meal Replacements on hand!
  2. Be active. If you have 15 minutes left for a lunch break, use it wisely! Go for a walk or move around to different areas of the office to gain a few extra steps for the day.
  3. Ask to make arrangements for a healthy meeting. Your employer would most likely benefit from having healthier employees so offering better food options to staff might be in their best interest. Worksite wellness programs have been shown to reduce health care costs and employee absenteeism.

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