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When you're feeling anxious from the days events and all you can think about is diving into your favorite foods...pause. Taking 15 seconds to really focus on what you need vs. what you want will give you time to check your food choices and portions.

When you're stressed, you release hormones that make you crave high-fat and sugary foods. Remember that not all sugars necessarily taste sweet so even those tortillas and crackers count. These carb and fat-laden foods also release neurotransmitters that help you feel better and more calm.

To avoid this hamster wheel of cravings, try avoiding areas that have these foods such as the workplace cafeteria or that pantry where you keep those treats for the kids. You might even try to get a jumpstart on dinner by preparing it as soon as you get home. Also, sugar-free gum can help deter you from the need to chew food.

When it is time to eat, make sure you load up on lean proteins, healthy fats and vegetables first. Controlling your blood sugar is key to avoid most cravings!

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